I have been passionate about photography for many years, starting by using my father’s Rolleicord and developing film in the bathroom.  Printing was basic, black and white and using his 1950’s enlarger (which I still have!).

My first camera was a Brownie using 127 film and sending away for developing and printing.  Eventually, when my son was small, I bought a Canon AE1-P and a zoom lens to enable me to take photos without the posing.  This was a photographic style I came to love and those informal images are the ones I enjoy the most.  Recent wedding photography has re-inforced this style and, although the formal photographs have their place, I really aim to find the moments that exemplify the emotions of the celebration.  These can be anything from the tense moment the groom is aware that the bride is on her way to the children playing while the adults are busy catching up.

I have been learning about photography for years and, as they say, I don’t think I will ever know enough.