Abney Cemetery

While at University I was desperately looking for a subject for my final project.  My daughter was living in Stoke Newington at the time and Abney Cemetery was just around the corner.


I loved the fact that it is being cared for after years of neglect but it is not being restored to neat and tidy.  The pathways meander throughout the park and meet in the middle where the funeral chapel is.  This was closed off when I was visiting but, I believe, it is now open.  It really is the most evocative space.

Not only was the cemetery multi-denominational when in use, but so many well known people are buried there including Charles Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army.  The film of his amazing funeral procession can be seen on Youtube.

At the time I was trying to use as much film photography as possibly to really emulate the feel of the place.  The overgrown graves and nature taking back, almost enveloping the stones.  I had to resort to some digital as time and travel meant trying  to get my film cameras through the very muddy tracks, not to mention on and off the underground, proved too difficult!

Since then I have visited several other cemeteries looking for something similar but closer to home.   One of the other galleries show the photos I have taken in a very small, but amazing, cemetery in Bath.


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